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                                       Frank Frizalone Biography 


Frank first became interested in entertainment as a teenager. He began to study music & learned how to play trombone, drums, sang in his school choir, did celebrity impressions & performed in community theater. Later he started singing in local pop & rock bands throughout the Tri-State area where he further developed his talents. He continued to develop his signature style & began singing songs of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin and other recording artist of that era.  


He then developed his own show and performed at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas where he got rave reviews. Soon after he got a call to perform for Connie Francis at her seventy fifth Birthday party and that is what ignited his career. He has been performing ever since at various venues across the country at fundraisers, corporate events, country clubs, celebrity events, private parties, theaters and nightclubs. 


The Frank Frizalone show is an unforgettable musical journey through time and space that brings you back to an era remnant of the old style nightclub performers. His engaging personality, sultry voice and trademark energy lights up the stage.  


Frank often drops in at the world famous Friars Club in New York City to sing at musical cafe night where he has been a long time member and sits on the Board of Governors.

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